Texas Watershed Planning

Financing Watershed Protection Plans

Watershed funding can be very challenging - factors including cost, organization, and time can be complex factors in watershed restoration.

When seeking funds to finance watershed implementation, it is important to:

  • Use an extensive collection of terms that can broaden the sources of funding
  • Utilize the existing watershed framework to develop an implementation strategy that has multiple funding options
  • Create a funding strategy that utilizes the skills and strengths of stakeholders to implement plans and reach objectives
Search for Implementation Funding

To assist watershed professionals in searching for funding programs, the Texas Water Resources Institute worked with the Environmental Finance Center at Boise State University to update the Directory of Watershed Resources to include Texas-specific funding programs.

The Directory of Watershed Resources is an online, searchable database for watershed restoration funding. The database includes information on federal, state, private, and other funding sources and assistance and allows Texas users to query information in a variety of ways including by agency sponsor, or keyword, or by a detailed search.

Visit the website | Read tutorial

Other Tools Developed by the Environmental Finance Center at Boise State University

Plan2Fund is a web-based Watershed Planning Tool that helps organizations determine their funding needs to meet the goals and objectives of their Watershed Program Plan. Users walk through estimating the costs of their Watershed Program Plan's Goals and Objectives, assessing any local matches, and determining funding needs to meet your Goals and Objectives. The results from Plan2Fundtm can be used to search for funding sources utilizing the Environmental Finance Center's web based Directory of Watershed Resources.

Plan2Fund OPT helps you develop priorities for an implementation plan using decision rules that you create. This web-based decision model can generate comparative reports based on the decision rules you invent, the scores that you give to your objectives according to those rules, and the weight that you give each decision rule.

Visit the Plan2Fund website

Tips on Grant Writing

For tips on Grant Writing, view: Grantsmanship: Sharpening Skills to Attract Resources

Texas Watershed Coordinator Roundtables

Water professionals are invited to attend Texas Watershed Coordinator Roundtables, held biannually, in which common watershed issues faced throughout the state are discussed, including financing watershed protection plans.

See a schedule of previous or upcoming Roundtables or meeting materials.

Clean Water SRF State Agency Funding Contacts
Arkansas Mr. Dave Fenter
Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
(501) 682-0543
Louisiana Mr. Karyn Andrews
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
(225) 219-3886
New Mexico Ms. Alysia Leavitt
New Mexico Environment Department
(505) 827-2809
Oklahoma Ms. Jennifer Wasinger
Oklahoma Water Resources Board
(405) 530-8800
Texas Ms. Diane Hyatt
Texas Water Development Board
(512) 463-7052

EPA Contacts - Project Officers:

Tyrone Hoskins (TX, LA)
(214) 665-7375

Susanne Mann (AR, OK)
(214) 665-7108

Velma Smith (NM)
(214) 665-7153

SRF Section Chief: Maurice Rawls
(214) 665-8049

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